Our Process

Fill out as much as you can.  The more information you provide the better equipped the Designer will be to produce the results you are looking for.  Required fields are indicated with a red *
If you have any existing digital Marketing materials that can help the Designer please send those over via email. Examples include but are not limited to:
Based on the information provided above, Designer will do/prepare the following:
Designer will need to get approval of Color & Font Combos and Sitemap. Designer will also let you know if there is enough to take care of the written content or if more is needed. See the next tab.
One of the most important things needed in order to create/complete a website is written content for each page. Additionally, images and videos provided by you are very useful.

Written Content – Depending on the industry you are in, Designer might be able to fulfill this requirement with a combination of small amounts of written content/material provided by you and researching competitors. If this is sufficient, it will be done at no additional cost.

Pro Written Content (Additional Cost) – If the above is not sufficient/possible* OR if you prefer a professional website content writer to handle this we would proceed with an additional cost for Pro Written Content. A quote for this would be provided during this time.
The Pro Written Content option has the following benefits:
* This can be due to being in an industry where content is very specific and/or not easily obtained by online research.

Images – Along with written content, images are a vital part of creating a website. Professional images provided by the customer are always preferred and recommended because of the authenticity they can provide, however, if needed Designer can provide stock images* at no additional cost. Designer will use best judgement to select stock images but customer can also browse stock images (Designer will provide URL) and select what they prefer. Stock images include license for use.

*Stock images are from freepik. REP Web Solutions has an account with freepik that includes premium stock and provides a license for use.
Development of website begins on a staging site. A private and temporary URL will be provided to client so that they can track progress or to be used as a way of communicating questions that may arise regarding content placement or other misc questions.
The staging site will be used until the completion of the work and once approval is given by client the website can go live on it’s own domain.